Get started in 3 steps

See how users use your website or app from their natural environment.

Indicate what you want to test

Create a test plan in the dashboard or work with our templates.

Target the target audience

Filter through our pool of 5,000 testers based on demographics.

Watch the videos

Use the usability test results to create a better user experience and drive more sales.

1 - Website, apps or prototypes

First of all, you choose whether you want a website, app or prototype to be tested by our users. Our users test products that are already live to the public, as well as alpha and beta versions.

Next, you indicate which parts of your site you want to be tested by creating a ‘test plan’. Here you can choose to work with our templates or put together your own test from scratch. We can also help you tailor your test if needed.

Anything with a link can be tested by our users, including the following tools:

Target the target audience

Test your site with users who match your website, app or prototype’s target audience by filtering through our pool of more than 5000 European testers by demographic.

You can use demographic filters or select testers based on user behaviour.

Do you have your own group of testers that you want to invite to test your product? This is also possible. Instead of using our tester pool you can opt to add your own audience to test your product.

3 - Watch the videos come in

After setting up your test plan and selecting recruitment criteria for our testers, we deploy the test under our pool.

In general, 90% of all test videos are delivered within 48 hours.

You can follow the status of the tests on the dashboard, and share the account with colleagues, so that any improvements can be implemented quickly and reactively.

Want to find out what users think?

Book a demo with us so that you can see the power of usability testing for yourself!