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User Sense

Conduct unmoderated user tests in no-time

Create an unmoderated user test to test your prototype, website or app. Use our tester database or invite your own testers. Are you looking to outsource your research activities? Then check out our Research Service.

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Work with our user test templates

Setup an unmoderated user test in no-time by making use of our templates. 

Fast turnaround times

Receive the first feedback within hours, with an average turnaround time of three days. 

Transparent pricing

We avoid hidden costs by working with fixed fees for our platform. 

Sessions without interviewer

The process

Recruiting testers

Invite your own testers


Automatic recordings on mobile, tablet and desktop

All unmoderated user tests are automatically recorded and made available within the dashboard aftwards. No need to worry about consent forms as all of our testers have agreed to being recorded prior to the test. 

Save time by working with our user test templates

Setup an unmoderated user test within minutes by making use of our pre-defined templates. Want to localize your research? Our templates are available in multiple languages. 

Ensure good insights by using our preview mode

Make sure the test is exactly as you want it to be by using our preview mode. In preview mode, you can walk through the test without being recorded so that you can see what the tester sees. 

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1 - Create a test and select a recruitment method

Create a test via the dashboard. Indicate how many sessions you want to do, set the session length and decide whether you invite your own testers or make use of our tester panel. 

2 - Activate the test and get results within hours

After activtating the test, testers who match the recruitment criteria will be notified and asked to take part in the test within the next 72 hours. 

3 - Analyse the session recordings and export the results

Go from data to insights in no-time by making use of automatic transcriptions, annotation, highlights and usability metrics. Export the session recordings, your notes and highlights. 

Tester recruitment across Europe

We can help you to recruit testers across Europe. Our strongest markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. However, we also facilitate the recruitment of testers in other European markets. 


Clear instructions and local support means hassle-free recruitment

With the use of auto-reminders, instructions and localized support we reduce friction in the recruitment process. We take care off the operational part, so that you can focus on the research. 

We heavily invest in tester quality

The quality of any study is dependent on the quality of the testers. We get this. This is why we have implemented various quality control mechanisms and a detailed quality assurance policy.

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Make use of a private pool

By creating a private pool you make sure that the testers you invite will not be invited for any other projects via our platform. Invite or delete testers at any point in time and maintain full control over customer data. 

Invite your own testers to participate with two clicks

You can easily invite customers to participate in the test. Simply enter their e-mail address and name in order to send out the invite and instructions. Avoid no-shows by working with auto-reminders. 

Make use of our instructions and support

To avoid any confusion, we have detailed and localized instructions available that can be sent over to your testers. 

Automatic transcription and subtitles

All session recordings are automatically transcribed in the local language. By using the time stamps in the transcriptions, you can quickly jump to the corresponding fragment. Not fluent in the local language? Add subtitles to the recordings. 

Annotations, highlights and usability metrics

Create research notes (annotations) and highlights. Select key fragments by creating highlight clips and generate a highlight video to summarize the most important findings. Use usability metrics to measure your progress. 

Share and export the results

Invite an unlimited amount of colleagues to the dashboard or choose to export all results to store these locally. 

Transcriptions, metrics, survey questions and sentiment analysis.

Download our user test scripts for free

Learn more about the different types of user test scripts. Download examples of real user test scripts for free to gain a better understanding of user testing. 

Download templates

Frequently asked questions

Below you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed below? Then contact us directly

Yes. We adhere to all privacy regulations in Europe, which means we store data in Europe. For specific questions with regards to GDPR, please do not hesitate to contact us

We have implemented a wide range of quality control measures to guarantee tester quality. We manually check all unmoderated sessions. For moderated sessions or interviews, customers can reach out to us within 24 hours to flag any issues. 

We use a wide range of channels - ranging from offline advertising to online campaigns - to make sure that we build up a tester database that is representative of the population. In addition to this, we have translated and localized tester sign up processes so that all testers can sign up in their local language. 

Yes, we have multiple bulk packages available in which a discount is included. 

We operate in all European countries. We have the strongest presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. However, our platform can be used in any country. We can facilitate recruitment and research services across Europe. 

Yes, we can take care of tester incentives. In addition to providing advice on the incentive itself, we can process tester payments within two business days after completion of the session. 

Yes, you can invite self-recruited testers for interviews or user tests via our platform.

Yes, we welcome all Europe-based agencies. In addition to an agency account, agencies can also avail of our Agency Network. Please book a demo with us for more information. 

Knowledge base

Sharing our knowledge and expertise is at the very core of what we do.