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Watch videos of real users using your website, app or prototype. Identify what issues users face on your site and how you can improve their User Experience (UX).

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User testing for European markets

Research has shown that more than 50% of all site visitors experience problems making online purchases.

Conduct user tests to find out what users encounter and prevent visitors from leaving your website or app prematurely as a result of poor UX. Watch recorded videos of users using your website or app and find out how they experience it in real time so you can increase your conversions and sales.

  • See how real users experience your website or app from home
  • Discover what a user encounters while navigating your site
  • Improve the user experience of your site and heighten your online results

Conduct remote user tests

More than 10 000 European testers are ready to test your website, app or prototype from home.

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Natural environment

Our testers use your website, app or prototype in their natural environment.

Reliable test results

Without a moderator, the tester cannot be influenced and you will receive fairer, honest feedback.

More efficient than usability labs

Our online user tests are time and cost effective, which means you can test more, for less.

Fast test results

Receive concrete feedback on the designs of your prototype, website or app within a few working days.


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